Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Charlton Athletic 1- Carlisle United 3.

Well that was a let down.

I was stuck at a meeting this evening.

Eventually, I was able to race out, dive into my car, drive as fast as the traffic would allow, park the car outside my home in such haste it looked as if Stevie Wonder had been given the job, pick up my season ticket and then hare off on foot towards the Valley.

I was really up for it and looking forward to witnessing Charlton getting back on track after 3 defeats.

I arrived soon after kick off.

Early on, Charlton looked fluent and full of purpose.
Soon, deservedly, the team went 1-0 up from a well taken goal by BWP after some good work from Nathan Eccleston.
It was the first, first half goal Charlton have scored in the Chris Powell era.
Surely Charlton would push on to victory?

If only I'd gone home then.
For the rest of the evening I became progressively more hungry, cold and irritated by the easy loss of possession and lack of ideas from our side.

A flukey deflected equaliser was a lucky break for Carlisle but after that, they seemed to grow in confidence while Charlton resorted to hoofing it up to our forwards who rarely looked threatening.

It is plain to see we have an aged defensive spine who are being exposed time and time again by our midfield. The forwards should be scoring more but our real problem is we don't have a midfield general to command our attacking moves and help marshall the defensive movements.

Carlisle scored 2 more goals, - it could have been much worse.

I'm off for some soup and maybe I'll forget about a thoroughly miserable evening.

A Casual Rating.

Do you know what? I really can't be bothered.
Thousands of people pulled up trees to be at the Valley this evening but most of them will be wishing they hadn't bothered.
4 losses on the bounce now.

It's looking grim.


Anonymous said...

that was quick.
I've only just got home!

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Unless Saturday is dramatically different from Powell and his (inevitably tinkered about) selection then fewer and fewer will be bothered to go and watch that sort of dross, let alone leave work early and sit in freezing conditions. No sane individual is gonna be stumping up season ticket money this month, even if they get really really cheap. The wheels have come off and are in danger of running right away. The playoffs have been derailed I only hope the wheezy old locomotive doesn't now run right into everyone's affections. Crowds of 12000 will soon be a thing of the past at this rate.

Joe_M said...

Hi Macro new to the whole blogging scene but having done a bit of charlton related research found your blog to be innovative and informed, keep it up!