Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stiff Little Fingers.

I've woken up this morning, - (is it still morning?) with a head that feels like it's been kicked around the bedroom all night.

Last night I was at the Forum, Kentish Town for Stiff Little Fingers.

It was bloody marvellous.

There were plenty of people present who must remember SLF from their early days but it was also pleasing to see some young shavers who were busy making mischief down at the front.

Personally, I lasted about 10 minutes before retiring to the 'Old Farts Balcony' upstairs.

Fifteen or twenty years ago, (and the rest!), I'd have been appalled at my future self, questioning how I could fully believe I was part of the experience if I wasn't crushed against some beery Irishman all night.

Unfortunately, modern me is very happy to see the surging, swaying crowds but nowadays I'm just not so keen on the inevitable sharing of body parts.

*(I'm still slightly traumatised from spending a whole Jesus & Mary Chain show with some blokes long sweaty hair in my mouth back in 1989).

If you know SLF then it was more of the same, though I'd add that the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves last night.
Some shows are obviously better than others but last night was definitely one of the best I've seen.

short clip here

Thanks Fingers.
Same time next year I hope.


Anonymous said...

bit noisy for me marco!

StoneMuse said...

Such a great band ... not seen them for many many years.

- Barbed Wire Love
- Suspect Device
- Alternative Ulster
- Johnny Was
- Tin Soldiers

... and many more

Marco. said...

I've seen them many, many times now.
Up until last night, my favourite of the more recent shows was at the Astoria, March 2006.
Last night was just as good.
Already looking forward to next March.

algordon_cafc said...

Many years ago at The Marquee (when it was in Wardour Street), i once set someone's hair alight at a Dumpy's Rusty Nuts gig. They were headbanging just in front of me, their head flung backwards just as i was lighting a cigarette. Man did it go up! I think it was full of hairspray as well. We had to beat this poor sod around the head to put it out, then bolted for the door! I used to go to the Marquee every week, but didnt return for a couple of months for fear of being recognized!

Anonymous said...

Aahh, the Marquee! Best of venues, best of times. Highlight was the Skids in 1979 - "Beware, little one knowledge!"

Saw the Bravery at Hoxton few weeks ago. Me and two other 50 year olds were the only ones pogoing in amongst the twenty somethings - very frustrating!

Saw SLF at the Mick Jagger centre last year - outstanding!

Pembury Addick