Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It Goes On and On.......

Rochdale 2 - Charlton Athletic 0.

I wasn't up in the Manchester suburbs this evening.
I relied upon the commentary provided by BBC London on their DAB station.

It was an honour to be treated to quite so many cliches and platitudes within such a short time span.

It was also beyond joy to find out what pattern, (and colour!) trim Steve Froggatt had on his black boots when he was a player.

This was all truly 'radio gold'.

As for the game, I think the best thing that can be said about it is it knocks off another fixture we have to fulfill before this season can finally be put to bed.

Less than 2,600 people, in the entire ground, bothered to show up to see our visit to Rochdale.
We've had more than that in the Jimmy Seed stand, purely for away supporters on numerous occasions this season.
We can't blame resources for our current predicament.

I just find myself shaking my head when I think about our beloved Charlton at the moment.

Paul Benson sounded as if he was unlucky not to score when he came on and poor Nathan Ecclestone must be wondering why he's only used in the final quarter of games.

Three points from a possible thirty three is an awful record.
Losing to yet another side for the first time in our league history just adds to the feeling of gloom.

The Charlton performance sounded to be at least good enough for a draw but again, the luck went against us and we ended the evening pointless.

Every game from here on is rather pointless too.
We are lucky to have already gained enough wins and draws to avoid a humiliating tumble into tier 4.

While grasping at straws, that at least is some comfort.

So, the O's on Saturday.
Surely, SURELY, this run without a win must end soon.
Will it be Leyton Orient who are the first team since Peterborough on 12th February to fail in their attempts to take points from us?

I really, really hope so.

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But are we down hearted?