Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Much Better!

Charlton Athletic 1 - Southampton 1.


Sometimes a draw feels like a loss and sometimes it feels like a win.

Tonight, mostly due to the appalling performances preceding it, a draw most certainly feels like a win.

It actually feels like an absolute humdinger of a win with added cream on top.

Southampton were very strong going forwards but Charlton managed to keep them out without too many problems.
Reaching half time with the score still 0-0 felt like a significant mile stone.

Andy D'Urso was making his usual erratic decisions but ultimately, Charlton were still masters of their own destiny.

Radhi Jaidi scored a fantastic opening goal from a corner, though there was a bad taste in many Addick's mouths due to the build up.
Parrett had gone down injured so the ball had been hoofed out of play.

Semedo and Harding had a long 'chat' in front of the East stand, the outcome being Harding didn't feel he should give the ball back to Charlton.

The East stand booed Harding but he threw it forward for his team mates to attack.

There was still plenty to do but the fact is, Charlton never recovered possession before the ball went for a corner and the goal.

The next turning point was Llera's effort that may or may not have crossed the line.

My initial reaction was it did not but the Saints players did look a little sheepish and Llera seemed very, very sure.

D'Urso didn't give the goal anyway so it looked as if Charlton were going to be gallant losers until very late on.

Parrett showed his Spurs pedigree and hooked a sublime ball over the defenders for BWP to beat Davis in a one on one.

Wright Phillips had looked very under the weather for most of the game. He ran as if he was carrying an injury or saving himself. He looked shattered from the first few minutes of the game.

All that means nothing of course as he's on the pitch to score and that he did, when his chance arrived.

With around 15 minutes to go, Ecclestone replaced Waggy and the Charlton tempo stepped up almost instantly.
Surely it's time for Nathan to be included earlier or get a start?

The game ended with all 4 corners of the ground bellowing encouragement at the pitch.

Much better than the poisonous atmosphere of many recent games.

How refreshing.

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