Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, (part 102)

Despicable Franchise 2 - Charlton Athletic 0.
Being a Charlton supporter has never been one of the smartest decisions for anybody wanting an easy life.

Personally, I'd consider it a bit of a character flaw if I felt I had to align myself with regular success when choosing to follow 'my' team.
Surely it'd just be making up for the gaps in my own life if I had to gain reflected glory from one of the Sky heavyweights?

It'd be so easy to follow one of those teams who are always on television, never have to think about relegation and only worry about missing out on the Premier League title or not winning any silverware for a few years.

But we don't do we?

We follow Charlton Athletic and most of us are in it for the long haul.

Tonight I must admit I wasn't at Milton Keynes.
I followed the game using the CAFC player online and received regular messages from Crispy.

My heart was at the Moo Camp but my attentions were being grabbed by Arsenal playing Barcelona at the Nou Camp.

While Arsenal were bowing out of Europe against one of the best, (if not the best), passing teams in the world, Charlton were relinquishing any realistic chances of promotion to the Championship.
..........against MK sodding Dons.
In a crap league, against crap players.

Tomorrow I'll be at work and the talk will all be about how there's no shame in losing to the best and the Arsenal supporters on our staff will know there are some crumbs of comfort to be had.

I can't even begin to see any positives from Charlton's current position.

The stark facts are we lost, didn't deserve anything, created nothing and had one of our few fit forwards (correctly) red carded for the second time this season.
The franchise fully deserved their victory.

I went for a bath at full time to soak and have a bit of a sulk.

I usually stream music around my home and tonight was no different.
As I lay back, the warm water lapping over my chest the first tune randomly generated was by The Smiths.

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour 
But heaven knows I'm miserable now.

(See you on Saturday)


Anonymous said...

CC, where can I send my Addicks Supporter resignation letter?

Pembury Addick

newyorkaddick said...

I reckon you'd be feeling less miserable if our Board hadn't have fallen for a certain Charming Man.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

We certainly have a majority of substandard palyers even at this level but Powell is very much part of the problem - he continues to select the execrable Francis and the shamelessly disinterested Benson - he plays 4-5-1 away from home to try and avoid defeat in the belief we will swallow the cobblers that it is an attacking 4-3-3. His selections and his tactics get comfortably beaten by a team missing 6 first teamers and he makes no changes until 20 minutes after going behind in a game where Charlton didn't manage a third of the possession and only contrived 4 shots in the whole game. It is too late to salvage this season - it is also too late to salvage more than 4 or 5000 season ticket sales for next term. The iceberg has been struck and Powell is still conducting the band. I'll only go and subject myself to more of his dillusional drivel on Saturday afternoon because the rest of my life is in an even more parlous state and the humiliating debacle against Brentford will make for light relief.