Saturday, 2 May 2015

Phew- Made It!

The Fat Lady is warming up her vocal chords. 
Just one more encounter for Charlton Athletic today before we get to spend our weekends doing the Bluewater shuffle or whatever else we try to avoid for 2 months+ each year.

This season will not go down as a 'classic'. 
We started off blowing all my distinctly average expectations out of the water and the first few games under Big Bob were enjoyable, even though the wins were always by the tightest of margins.

Then, the 14 game stretch when we couldn't buy a win was a particularly uninspiring period and we looked to be in freefall.

A recovery after the arrival of Guy Luzon was much more like it but there was far too much to do after the mid season shambles for anything other than mid table safety to be achieved.

For me, the season has been over since the referee at the Den decided he'd like to take centre stage, sending off Chris Solly for being hit in the face with the ball, then refusing to give the eventual winning goal scorer a second booking for a blatant foul.
The 2-1 defeat, grabbed from the jaws of victory in the last 10 minutes, took the stuffing out of our (my) season and it's been rather a limp to the finish line, despite a laughter inducing undeserved win over a patched together and clearly superior on the day Dirty Leeds side.

As ever, I'm looking forward to a rest from football. I do still love the game but I really appreciate having the time away. 

I shall miss my football friends though. Every year we plan to meet up in the close season but it's not quite the same as when you're seeing people sometimes up to twice a week. 

I hope it's a rip roaring game today between two entertaining sides.
It'll probably be us rolling over to have our bellies tickled while all around everyone purrs about Eddie Howe and (always OUR) Yann.

I won't be staying behind to watch Bournmouth receive their baubles. Nothing against them, they've had a fine season, it's just that it's their affair, nothing to do with me.

 Enjoy the Summer break.