Friday, 25 February 2011


Notts County 1- Charlton Athletic 0.

Not content with having a murderer playing for them, County added theft and GBH to their portfolio this evening.

On another night, County would have been down to 9 men.

A wrestling move in the penalty area and the most clear cut 'red card' horror clattering on Anyinsah lead to no sendings off and a feeble BWP missed penalty.

There was only one team in it this evening yet when the luck was being handed out, it fell squarely onto the buttocks of Bishop who glanced the ball goalwards off his shorts.
Francis added an extra touch to give Elliott no chance.

We are in danger of becoming that side who plays other teams off the park, yet regularly loses to a set play or the one clear cut chance the opposition get.

Of course, Paul Ince was watching a completely different game.
He claimed in his post match yack yack that County fully deserved their win!
His opinion means nothing, especially when we recall his ludicrous outburst after we thrashed MK Dons 5-1 last year and he blamed it all on the officials!

So, 3/3 losses for Chris Powell after a previous 4/4 win rate.
We need to turn it around and fairly quickly.
In fairness to SCP, we weren't bad at all, we just didn't take the chances.

The penalty in particular was especially poor.

I know footballers have a reputation for being a little, (ahem), 'intelligence challenged' but surely trying to place a low shot on an extremely sticky surface was asking for trouble?

Anyway. It's game over now and it's not like we've never been here before.
A bit of belief, a bit of encouragement from us and a slight nudge from Lady Luck and we'll be smiling again.

Casual Rating.
Joe Anyinsah gets the coveted Lacoste polo this time.
He was too good for County in the first half and only faded late on, when the pitch really did look as if it had been hosting a ploughing match.

The dreaded Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is going to BWP for his appalling penalty 'effort' and also the County keeper Stuart 'full' Nelson, for trying to do a Harald Schumacher.
How he didn't get sent off is beyond me.
You just know Robbie Elliott would have been back to the showers if it had been up the other end.

Ref watch.
I don't think he was watching actually.
A 3/10 score from me.

No excuses. We came undone due to our own shortcomings.
Our abysmal record on live television continues.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think Lee Hughes deserves the chance to put his life back in order?
I don't agree with you posting a picture if him in prison to illustrate a football match.
Whatever he did, he's paid his debt to society now.

Marco. said...

I'm sure you'd feel just the same if it was members of your family who he'd killed with reckless/ drunken driving.

I have no problems with Lee Hughes getting his own life back in order. It's a shame his victims can't though.
I do feel that he shouldn't be playing football.
There are many jobs he could be doing to put something back into society. By returning to his old profession, it just makes it seem as if he doesn't care.

When Ben Thatcher came to Charlton I thought it showed us in a poor light.
Lee Hughes is currently showing Notts County in a very poor light.

Phil said...

Absolutely Marco. He didn't seem contrite and remorseful when they played at the Valley. Seemed intent on winding up the crowd especially at the end. After something like that not what you'd, I won't say expect but perhaps hope for.

Kap said...

Lee Hughes has claimed remorse but shown none, however we rightly live in a society where you are not penalized after serving your sentence. To focus on Hughes takes the focus away from the current team situation which needs to be addressed quickly if our play off hopes are not to vanish. We are in a run against opposition who we should be picking points up against, if we don't change things around then we can forget about dreams of old traffotd

Marco. said...

I'd have to agree Kap that our team need to get back on track, whoever the opposition are.
We aren't quite 'there' yet.

newyorkaddick said...

Hope you've got a good laywer Marco ;-)

Marco. said...

I was just going to remind everyone that Lee Hughes is kind to his mum & he's great with kids and animals.

Newyorkaddick said...

...but seriously it's a but unfair to say the guy shouldnt go back to being a footballer.

Marco. said...

Possibly unfair. We all make mistakes etc but this particular mistake should have lead to him serving a greater debt, leaving no time left for any sort of football career.
Just my opinion of course.
I've never met Lee Hughes. For all I know he crashed while doing something for charity but my rather liberal views are being stretched here due to his punishment seeming really half hearted while another family have been destroyed.
He seems to be enjoying himself too much.
I hate myself for sounding rather Daily Mail but Hughes returning to his old life doesn't fit well with me.

Newyorkaddick said...

The problem is obviously the court leniency - ive never understood why driving a car recklessly should be considered less serious than wielding a knife recklessly for example.

However it's not the guy's fault that his only way of making a decent living takes place infront of thousands of people (plus his goal record might involve considerable celebration).

I read an article before their Man City game where he appeared remorseful - PR agents are good at that though.