Wednesday, 23 February 2011


We are now back from spending a lovely couple of days at Broadstairs.

Broadstairs was famously the birthplace of ex Prime Minister Edward Heath.

He would sometimes head out to the tip of Kent, (bypassing his own constituency at Bexley), travelling all the way by rail, 'after work'.

Personally, it's too far for me to even contemplate travelling just to put my head on a pillow but 'Ted' saw something in the town worth returning for.

We stayed again at the Albion Hotel.

The Albion is a friendly place, right next door to the Dickens House Museum where we visited yesterday.

We again enjoyed our room's sea views and spent a few hours sitting reading, while also gazing out to sea.
This was the view from the window.

We also played 'Crazy Golf', where I managed to hit the heady heights of second place.
 I'd argue it was almost impossible to make a come back after Sarah fluked / showed impressive skills to gain a hole in one on a tough hole.

We had high hopes of eating a Greek feast at a taverna we walked past in the afternoon but when we went back in the evening, the lights were off and the door was locked.
We ate elsewhere but the problem is I now have a yearning for Greek food.  

Today the heavens opened and we scampered around trying not to get drenched. 
Unfortunately, checking out of the hotel included a bit of a song and dance as between the time of paying for our meal last night and getting up this morning, my payment card had been cancelled!

Luckily I had a back up card. 
I found out, when chatting to a really helpful lady at the local branch of Lloyds, that my card had been registered as damaged but a new one hadn't been ordered for me. 
Once it had been registered, I had just 30 days before it started being 'denied'.
A shame nobody told me.

It was a relief to find out it was nothing serious but I did feel like running back to the reception of the hotel to explain away the situation which had been a little shameful.

Despite the rain, we walked around enjoying the sea air.
The sea looked rough but still the beach had plenty of hardy dog walkers, all dressed up as if they were going to have a crack at one of the Swiss Alps later in the day.

We made our way to Morelli's a Broadstairs institution, still thrilling adults and children alike with their fantastic ice cream creations.
The place has changed little since 1932 but I did notice and appreciate the free WIFI available inside.

Eventually it was back through the puddles to the car which had been liberally coated in seagull poo.

Was this the culprit? 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stirring many fond memories of days gone by Marco. Too many to mention here.It shows what a small world it is being a Charlton fan!

Crowborough Addick

Ketts said...

At least you could enjoy Broadstairs without the distraction of Charlton getting thumped at Bristol Rovers this year CC!

Marco. said...

Good memory Ketts!
It was the game Basey got clobbered wasn't it?
Yes, no text messages or cheeky glances at the Internet this time.

Marco. said...

Crowborough Addick.
It's a place to go back to again & again.
I do like it there in the Summer months but it does get really busy & parking can be a chore.
It's only a small town and not really set up for hordes of people all arriving at once.
My favourite time is around Easter or September, when the weather is better but it's not quite so manic.

Martin said...

Sounds fab! Looks like the donkeys have gone somewhere warm and dry for the winter.