Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Farce Times.

Charlton Athletic 1- Colchester United 0.

Bradley Wright, Wright, Wright, (Phillips) scored a fantastic debut goal this evening.
He hooked the ball over his shoulder and into the far corner of the net but unfortunately for him, it won't be the talking point tomorrow morning.

What on Earth went on there then?

It would now seem that perhaps the 'correct' decision was given but at the time, I felt Colchester had been shafted.

*You may want to skip this bit, it does go on....and on.
The ball ended up in the Charlton net, the ref seemed to have a bit of a concern about giving the goal, he chatted to his (male) assistant, the goal was awarded, the goal was announced over the tannoy and celebrated wildly by the away supporters, the 'nicest man in football' went off on one, the Charlton players surrounded the referee, the fourth official became involved, the referee went for another chat with his assistant and FINALLY the 'goal' was chalked off.

What a palaver eh? Mass confusion all around the ground and head shaking were the strongest memories of that particular passage of play.

I've since heard that the referee blew his whistle in the build up to Colchester's 'goal' but at the time, I was completely clueless.

A 1-0 win was the end result though I do feel more than a little sympathetic towards Colchester and their supporters.

A Casual Rating
Bradley Wright Phillips can have a welcome to the Valley Lacoste polo shirt for his tireless running and spectacular goal.
Well done BWP.

Alan McCormack is also receiving a brand new polo for his last minute, (7th minute of added on time) clearance from a Dave Mooney effort.
I'd already decided the ball was in so he certainly saved the 2 extra points.

The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is not being awarded this time.
Nobody had a stinker.

Ref Watch.
I haven't quite decided if this was an extreme case of a referee using his common sense and finally arriving at the correct decision or if it was an absolute shambles.
I suppose the Colchester supporters have already made their decision!
What I do know is that he certainly made an impression this evening.


The Exile said...

I think in terms of the ref, it was more to do with the fact he forgot that he couldn't allow the goal after he had already stopped play with the whistle. I think the Lino told him he had got it wrong, and he tried to reverse the decision, but then the 4th official had a little word and told him he couldn't do it.

Just my take on things.

Floyd said...

Marco - be grateful you were there to witness. After a day on site in Scotland I was driving South down M6, keeping an occasional eye on ESPN web updates on mobile and listening to radio 5live. The radio announced we were 1 down and said nothing further 'oh pooh' - ESPN agreed. Then Alan Green (font of no knowledge) announced he had made an error and it was still 0-0. ESPN maintain we were still 1 down. Then Alan Green says we are 1 up - I still think oh pooh as he has just lied and is prone to misleading. ESPN says we are 1 down then change their mind and say we are 1 each.

Final score on the radio says we have won. I have had enough and pull into service station to check other websites and yes we have won. It might have taken the ref 7 minutes to sort out, I was of the opinion we had lost for at least 45 minutes!