Monday, 31 May 2010

1940's Festival

We spent Bank Holiday Monday at Hall Place, enjoying the 1940's Festival.

 I've visited Fratton Park many times, so I feel I know a little about the 1940's.
Despite this insight, I thoroughly enjoyed the event today, especially watching the staff and regular members of the public who had chosen to turn up in 1940's gear.

Never have I seen so many seemed stockings and Spiv suits all in one place.
(Perhaps I should spend more time at Westminster?)

We decided that the US army uniforms looked effortlessly cool.

I learned that should I have been called up to fight for my country in the 1940's, it would have been unlikely that Mrs CC could have held herself back from the embraces of the American G.I's!

We discovered the challenges of rationing and viewed a mock up of a weekly allowance.
It made our trip to Sainsbury's on the way home seem rather rude to the memories of all those who went through the period.

Anyone who had a garden or access to a place to grow vegetables might have been able to live quite healthily but I think I would have been walking around feeling hungry all the time had I lived then.

The centre of Hall Place had been made into a garden with a shelter in it for people to poke about in.

All in all, an enjoyable day.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Marco. I didn't immediately recognise you in the ARP uniform.