Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shopping? Jobs at Home?

With absolutely nothing happening today I'm wondering how to fill my time as the Saturday yawns out before me.

If only there was some football to watch.

It's been an awful week having to endure blue flags on cars and Millwall shirts in public.

People who have never once mentioned that they were off to the New Den in the regular season, are now pronouncing that 'we' are going to do it this time.

The Band Wagon is going to be filled to capacity.

I overheard a conversation between two spanners where one was telling the other where they drank before games.

"When Millwall go to Wembley we always drink near Baker Street".

You bet.


Anonymous said...

Bloody spanners.
It's been an awful fee years to support Charlton.
Millwall are now going to undo all our recent good work and start claiming the next generation of SE London football fans.

Marco. said...

Few years?
I'd agree with that.
It's been a steady decline since the Summer Paulo Di Canio decided to head back to Rome with the season just about to start.
I'm not trying to hint the two events are related, just trying to put it on a timeline.