Sunday, 16 May 2010

Charlton - Swindon thoughts

I've just returned from a Sunday morning amble around the district.

I don't normally head to the Valley unless it's a match day or I need to pick up tickets for away games but somehow this morning I was drawn over there.

Despite tickets for our crunch game with Swindon Town, (tomorrow, 7:45pm), having been on sale for around 2 weeks in one form or another, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see a steady flow of punters turning up to buy tickets.

One feller seemed to be holding at least 5 as he walked away from the Commercial Centre*

*That's the ticket office to you and me.

The picture was taken at 10:20 am and though it's not heaving, I was surprised to see anyone there at all.

While we have clearly been seen by many as a big fish in League one, we also seem to be constantly beating ourselves up over attendances at the Valley.

The fact is, we are highly unlikely to be selling out the Valley again unless we start to climb up the divisions.
We might get close, but I feel 27,000+ is asking too much for us while we are a team in League 1.
Other teams from one or even two club towns and cities might manage it but we have far too much local competition.

As a one off, tomorrow evening should generate a large gate but I still don't think a sell out is likely.

As for the game against Swindon, they are in the driving seat and we need to let them know we want it more than them right from the off.

I'd be prepared to come away from the Valley disappointed if I truly believed that everyone had tried their hardest and there was nothing more that could have been done.
After the Norwich game I was proud to support Charlton, even though we had lost.

I'm hoping of course that we can beat Swindon, I know it's more than possible.

However, should the season end tomorrow evening I don't want a Summer of 'if onlys'.

I want to remember a brave performance with everyone fighting for the cause and the crowd being supportive, even if we go behind.


Anonymous said...

nice new picture of Sammy!

Marco. said...

Thanks Anon.
I stood by the statue while taking the picture of the ticket office.
Thought the opportunity was too good to miss.

Hungry Ted said...

Tomorrow's game is dominating my thoughts, but rather than feeling anxious, I'm really looking forward to it. It will be an emotional night either way, but just like you, Marco, all I ask is the players carry forward my hopes and dreams like they actually do care. I recall a line in Gary Nelson's 'Left Foot Forward' book from some years back that even to this day sends shivers down my spine. When describing 'that' Colin Walsh goal on December the 5th he stated "for a wonderful while it seemed like Heaven and the Valley were one and the same place". Fingers crossed that will be the case tomorrow!

Kings Hill Addick said...

Are they not the same place then?

Anonymous said...

Unlike Hungry Ted I am very anxious. But I want it to be a night to remember for all the right reasons. That includes the crowd (i.e., us) getting behind the team. Hope we all have an enjoyable time tomorrow night and come away with that 'Heaven and Valley' feeling.
Miss Kish

Marco. said...

Thanks for popping by Miss Kish.
I'm pretty sure my mind is likely to be a little off the job tomorrow.

Are you still teaching?

Anonymous said...

No, handed my notice in. Politics etc. Was doing my head in, literally! Am doing supply for a while.

Miss Kish