Monday, 17 May 2010

Bailey Is The Fall Guy, Swindon Win On Penalties.

After a long hard season, it all came down to a fluffed penalty.
(When I say fluffed, I mean REALLY fluffed).

If you want to read a report click here.

There's nothing to add from me beyond wondering how on earth we lost after looking at the statistics from the game.

Bum, Bum, Bum.

So, when do the fixtures come out for the 2010/11 campaign?


Bob said...

Don't hang it on Bailey. Charlton failed to apply the necessary pressure in the second half, particularly after Swindon going down to ten men and even at that,had some close calls on potential goals. The defenders were terrible on the tying goal, so, while Bailey gummed it up horribly on his high and wide shot, there was more working towards the ultimate loss than that!

Ketts said...

Fixtures are out on Thursday 17 June at 10.00am Marco, just over four weeks away!

ChicagoAddick said...

Who's up for a weekend in Rochdale? Daggers away? The return of Ronnie Moore. I bought his right toe nail you know..

Anonymous said...

hey Ketts, don't forget that AFC Wimbledon game on 10 July you told us about - its a tidy little ground, and you go outside to get tothe bar as well (so don't pay, wait til half time and then get in free!)

Pembury Addick