Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Impossible Dream

This was my 'handheld', showing the state of play at 4:17pm today.

We were up!

Unfortunately, events changed and we can now look forward to the Play Off semi finals against Swindon.

I wasn't up at Oldham for the game.
( I find myself staying for the weekend on the Hampshire / Surrey border.)

Despite the much trumpeted invitation to listen to the 'Promotion Push' on the Charlton CAFC player service, it wouldn't work for me so I ended up listening online to BBC London.
(Someone please remind me why I pay for the Charlton 'service').

It's still to be decided if this season ends in success or disappointment but we have certainly caught the winning / playing well habit at just the right time.

Come On You Reds!!


Hungry Ted said...

I hope that screenshot will not end up being a reminder of what could have been! If you haven't already, I'd delete that off your iPhone sharpish! A good end to the season; well done the players for a job well done. Now we can finally concentrate on the play-off's, and with no other assumption than Swindon will be a tough side to overcome, I'm glad it's worked out how it has. Onwards to glory - Come on you Addicks!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the commentary on cafc player to work either.
I had the Oldham version up & running but gave up & switched, like you to BBC radio London. They had the Spanners on 94.9 but on the website I found the Charlton commentary, probably the one meant for the Charlton service.
Did anyone get our CAFC player to work?
If not we need money back.