Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tangerine Dream

Blackpool 3 - Cardiff City 2.

I'd like you to indulge me for a few moments as I take you by the hand, and lead you through the streets of Stalis.

Stalis is a pleasant Greek holiday resort on the island of Crete, only about a mile from the club 18- 30 style boob flashing and vomit in the pool shenanigans of Malia.

Two middle aged blokes are sharing a beer in a convivial open air taverna, people watching and of course, chatting about football.

One of the blokes supports a well known Premiership team from South East London. His team are financially secure, widely regarded as one of the best run clubs in the top flight and get smothered by wall to wall media coverage.

He's saying how he thinks the manager might be getting a little stale, doesn't look like he's enjoying it much anymore and maybe it's time for somebody else to come in and give the club the chance to push on, maybe becoming a fixture of the top seven or eight.

The other bloke is a mad supporter of his local side in Lancashire. They have a ramshackle stadium and no money at all. The crowds are often not much more than 6,000 but it's about the standard expected for League 1.

The Lancashire fella knows all about the Premiership team, their players, the ground, the sponsor, recent results etc. etc.
Why wouldn't he?
The Premiership is the 'Best League In The World'.

The Londoner knows about the League 1 outfits kit, their ground, their manager and very impressive history.
He can't really tell you much more as League 1 football doesn't really register in the rarified atmosphere of top table football consumption.

Both the men laugh together at the prospect of their teams meeting one day on the pitch, probably in one of those rather dicey F.A Cup games played in January.

Fast forward around half a decade.

The Londoner is now looking on with admiration, (and quite a large portion of jealousy), as his friends team complete the total role reversal and claim a place in the Premier League.

The Lancashire side have managed the amazing feat with style, on a baking hot day at Wembley, which many had compared to the 'Greatest Game', one of the Play Off matches in 1998.
The 'well run' Premier League side now haven't a pot to piss in and are about to enter their second season in League 1.

A huge congratulations must go to Blackpool, and their supporters, for their performance - not just in their final but all season long.
Favourites to go down last August, they have played attacking, attractive football which has been rewarded in the best possible way.
They now have the opportunity to annoy Palace fans by singing 'their song' regularly on television.

Only a couple of months to wait and those blokes will be be sitting in the same taverna in Greece.

What to talk about eh?


ChicagoAddick said...

The beauty of football eh Marco? I trust tangarine boy will be buying the Greek beers..

Ketts said...

The ramifications of that result has an effect at The Valley too Marco. A Cardiff victory would have triggered a £250,000 promotion bonus clause in the deal that took Hudson to Cardiff.

In our new, impoverished world, that would have paid the wages of two players for next season.

Anonymous said...

sweaty bollock sweet anyone!?