Saturday, 12 June 2010

Here We Go.....!

I've been really busy over the last 2 weeks.
Work has taken up nearly all of my 'free' time leaving me with only a few windows to rattle off some words on here and quite frankly, I've not really fancied it.

Last weekend I did sneak off to the wilds of Oxfordshire to celebrate my sister's 40th birthday in a beautiful place she had hired.
It was good to meet up with many 'old' faces, some I hadn't seen since my sister was either at Uni or even doing her 'A' levels, over 20 years ago.

 I particularly enjoyed letting off Chinese style sky lanterns late at night / early in the morning and watching them float off, still visible in the air nearly 10 minutes later.
We also had a good boogie to tunes from our youth. The Wedding Present, Primal Scream and Bob Marley were particularly good to hear through a huge sound system, with around 30 people bouncing around nearby.

 I drove back to Greenwich through London which I always enjoy on a Sunday.
Passing through the richer areas of Kensington and Chelsea, then crossing the river and watching the money evaporate as the Elephant, Old Kent Road and Deptford whizz past, before hitting the centre of the world, (Greenwich!) is always something that brings home what a diverse city we live in.

This week saw the announcement of the iPhone 4.
I've been hanging on to get this since Christmas when I could have upgraded but really knew what I wanted was the new Apple blower.

As expected, it has the HD video recording I was after and justifies my decision not to climb onboard with the masses and purchase a 'Flip'.
I can spend hours in the Apple stores, just playing so it was never in doubt that I was going to want the new iPhone.
I already have the iPhone 4 on pre- order and yes, there may be other companies who have products with better spec on certain aspects but as an overall package, it's one hell of a sexy, fantastic 'unbeatable' smartphone, (for now).

Yesterday saw the start of the 2010 World Cup Finals.
I missed the opening ceremony and first game due to work, (natch), but wasted 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back, watching Henry's 'handy' chums fail to produce any entertainment against 10 man Uraguay.

This evening it's the chance for me to get behind all those Premiership boys I don't get to see at the Valley anymore.

The situation with BP and the Gulf Coast has added a little bit of spice to the game but in reality, anything other than a comfortable win will be a bitter disappointment to Fabio's Boys.

Needless to say, my money went on a Desmond Two - Two draw.

Enjoy the game.

C'mon Enger-Land!!

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Anonymous said...

right result, wrong scoreline.
we can't get too down hearted, USA are the strongest team we'll play in this group.