Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Put a Sock In It.

At the risk of copying the 'Odd One Out' round from Have I got News For You, which one of these scenes has been missing from the South Africa World Cup Finals?


We have had the incessant sound of the Vuvuzela, the bumble bee and the electric tooth brush but absolutely no crowds chanting and cheering.

One of the joys of watching live sport is the sound of the crowd.

The same drone has been the soundtrack, regardless of there being a goal kick, throw in, screamer of a goal, tap in, own goal or improbable free kick.

When the strange new 'volatile' ball is added into the mix, which seems to make it extremely difficult for the world's best players to control their passes and shots, South Africa 2010 is shaping up to be my least favourite World Cup finals ever.

As far as this viewer is concerned, something I've been really looking forward to has gone a little flat.


Anonymous said...

I'm hacked of about the vuvuzela too Marco; FIFA have to realise that this about the rich tapestry of world football fans , not just South Africa.

Have to say I can't quite understand how, across the board, the games haven't been much cop. Can't just be the ball can it?
Can't be modern football demands - most of the last Euro was brilliant. Is it then African and Asian teams being very athletic but not very creative? Serbia and Slovakia shoot holes in that one.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

The constant drone of Mick McCarthy, Jim Beglin, Chris Coleman, etc. is much worse than the trumpets

Anonymous said...

Add Andy Townsend to the list. He is a complete Pratt.


Ken Jennings said...

I think that if it was not for those damn vuvuzelas ("African culture" of all of 20 years), everything else would be a lot more tolerable.