Sunday, 28 February 2010

How are those Grapes?

Over the years, I think we have all come home from games, bitterly disappointed and convinced the 'right' result didn't happen for a multitude of reasons.

Our friends at other clubs are no different to us.

In this electronic age, we are all free to make tits of ourselves on the internet and in the cold light of day, I think this Southend supporter might be regretting some of his remarks.

He's lucky the comments section of the site has been turned off or it could have all have turned nasty.

Evidently, he has a bee in his bonnet about Nicky Bailey and Phil Parkinson.
We all know that Bailey 'reacts' with a flourish but he has to have something, (in this case a rightly punished punch), to react to.

When the Southend manager refused to shake Bailey's hand, rather pettily in the heat of the moment I'd imagine, Bailey was chastised for being 'unprofessional' when he is reported to have reciprocated in kind.
 I'd take it all with a pinch of salt anyway.
 I've not seen any other reports of him 'giving the finger' to his old colleagues.

I'm going to use the article as a cautionary tale, reminding me to never write anything while the red mist is still clouding my judgement.


Anonymous said...

We don't have the quality to go up he says.
Fair enough, we probably won't but our squad certainly does have the quality to go up, just not the luck and application in the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

The Southend supporter sounds just as we sounded when Scott Parker stropped out on us. So i can forgive him his bitterness.
I also have to say i find Nicky Bailey's dramatics embarassing whenever they occur.
But it was a good feeling to finally get a win, even if it was possibly a little fortunate.