Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Lucky Break?

Unlike you, I wasn't glued to the coverage of our game against the Pirates and I wasn't taking in the air at Bristol either.
Due to an unfortunate sequence of events, I found myself in a communications black hole, far removed from all things Charlton.
Do you know what? I couldn't give a stuff.

I had decided to travel with our heroes to Bristol Rovers but when the game was switched to Monday evening there was no way I was going to see any of it.

We had booked a romantic break few days away, staying at Broadstairs.
We stayed at the Royal Albion Hotel, in one of the most charming 'superior class' rooms I've ever been in.
The bed was large enough for Nicky Bailey to entertain 5 or 6 wives and the view from the bay window was astonishing, (above).
We both grinned at each other for fully five minutes when we arrived.

Due to being so far from anywhere, internet connection on my iPhone had almost completely vanished and there was no way I was going to ruin the atmosphere by hinting we should spend the evening in a pub showing Sky Sports.

It was a blessing in disguise when the game was switched. My own lucky break. I was out of the loop and quite happy about it.

Ketts from Doctor Kish very kindly sent me a couple of texts throughout the game - ( I knew about Basey's injury and the half time score) but despite a little frown, I was having such a lovely time I put it to the back of my mind.
We were enjoying after dinner coffee when the final score came through - a mixture of Crispy and Ketts let me know of our minor comeback, too late, deep into added on time.

As I said above, it was very easy for me to take the bad news having seen none of the game. Had I watched the game live or even live on television I know that I would have felt let down by yet another below par performance.

I am my own worst enemy.
Despite finding the way to make sure my happiness is not dependent upon Charlton Athletic, this morning I bought myself and Crispy tickets for the Millwall toolbox awayday.
Added to my upcoming Friday night race out of work to get to Southend, I've really set myself up for more misery.

Come on Charlton.
We need a boost and quickly, starting on Saturday against the Yeovil yokels.


Ketts said...

See you at Sarfend & in the A&E Department at Guy's then CC!!

Ken Jennings said...

Stayed at the Albion on one of my trips over the pond last year. I only had a single room but it was huge and airy, as was the bathroom, fortunately :-)

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you said leave something juicy?!!!