Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Another Draw

Walsall 1 - Charlton Athletic 1.
(Another 2 points dropped.)

I can't really add much to the events of this evening.
I wasn't anywhere near the West Midlands so I had to rely on the CAFCplayer online service to paint me a picture of what was happening.
Oh my, it's bad isn't it?

I am lucky enough to see all our home games live and quite a few away games too. This means I haven't really had much experience of 'Emma'.
She's dreadful.

Her comments were so far behind the play that the attacks she described had already been cleared by the time she let us know a player was shaping to shoot. Crowd noise was the most accurate indicator of what was going on. Her odd 'jammed machine gun' style of broadcasting was........ very......annoying....and...I ......lost .......interest.....quite...rapidly..... andturnedthewholethingoff.

From what I did catch, Charlton went 1-0 down, against the run of play, then just before half time won a penalty when Racon was fouled.
Deon Burton scored the penalty to end the first period 1-1.

Emma left her mic on over halftime so we were treated to her wittering on about a black coffee and her telephone conversation stating her certainty "it was a pen".

In truth, I took a bath and got a little sidetracked by FA cup action,- Palace playing against Wolves on itv4 throughout the second half.
I'd had enough of Emma so I looked at the updates from the BBC live text every few minutes instead.

Nothing has changed.
We are still gaining points but not enough to get close to the top two.
Today, for the first time this season, I checked when the Play Off finals are to be held.

I think we all agree now that it's the best we can hope for.

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