Sunday, 7 February 2010

Yet Another Draw

It's Sunday night and until now, I haven't made any efforts to comment on the point gained in Wiltshire yesterday.

On Friday morning, I had decided that I was going to be heading West but by Saturday morning, I found I couldn't be bothered after all.
Our rather jittery performances of late had made me think that perhaps my time and money could be better spent.

Of course, as the clock ticked towards 3pm and I realised I was now trapped with the unique offerings of the BBC's Emma, I momentarily regretted my decision.

Nicky Bailey saved the day, at the death, after what appeared to be a poor Charlton team effort.

On Thursday night we headed out into Kent, to visit the Orchard theatre at Dartford.
We were there to see Tim Vine doing his new show.
He was fantastic. The rapid fire delivery was unceasing and I found that I often missed jokes as I was still laughing at the previous one.
The crowd was far more 'mixed' than at many comedy shows. There were many more 'older' people and also a fair smattering of kids who looked to be around 12 years old.
I suppose it's because he doesn't swear or start talking about his genitals.

Unlike Charlton at the moment, I'd recommend seeing Tim Vine to anyone.


Hungry Ted said...

I saw Tim Vine some years back at a London comedy club. I recognised him vaguely off of daytime tele and thought he'd be rubbish, but I found myself crying with laughter. You're right, his quick-fire delivery was hard to keep up with. So much so, the chaps I was with gave up half way through and sat there stone faced! Miserable sods!!

Herek Dales said...

I too was at the Tim Vine gig on Thursday evening and also lacked the will to travel to Swindon following our recent performances. By all acounts we were like Vine's box of jamaican hair extensions - dreadful - until Nicky's late late equaliser. I've sent my missus round to Nicky's with a label attached which reads - for your pleasure, return when bored - should have her back by Tuesday...

Anonymous said...

Saturday was the first time i've followed a game via Emma's commentary.
I had thought all the criticism and moaning about her inability was probably rooted in some sort of tribal football misogyny.

Nope !!!!!!!!!!