Friday, 19 February 2010

How Yeo can we go?

To paraphrase Public Enemy, "How low can you go?
Death row? What a brother knows".

It's hardly a case for State sanctioned murder but it did enter my brain today that this is the lowest, by league position, that I have ever seen Charlton play live.
4th place in the third tier is a personal (lowest) record. It might make me a glory boy of sorts as I climbed on board the Addicks train when we were a solid second tier side.
If only eh?

The boys from the countryside are heading to the smoke tomorrow, full of belief that they are meeting us in the middle of a slump.

Five games without a win doesn't sound good and the high pressure environment of the Valley might be just what our players don't need.

Having said that, if our crowd can show the patience  that Parky has asked for and we restrict Yeovil to a few chances early on, I hope our crowd will get behind the team and let recent bygones be bygones.

At the risk of playing the same record for the 5th time, we really need the fabled reaction from our team after the misfiring at Bristol Rovers.

We should be welcoming a new 'JJ' for a starting place and perhaps he will be the change of luck we need.

In other news, it seems that Millwall are wetting their pants at the prospect of a bumper crowd, (for them), of over 10,000 at the toolbox for the visit of the Addicks.
Of course they don't care about us and it's just another game as far as they are concerned.
(Yeah right).
I implore everyone who can, to head towards the ticket office or the phone line and make sure we take up our whole allocation. We can then be allocated the second wave of tickets for Millwall's cup final which will then be on General Sale and everyone who wants a ticket will get one.

As for Yeovil, I've nothing against them and from all the reports I received, their crowd seemed a friendly bunch.
Despite this, I want them to experience the proverbial long journey home, pointless and despondent.

Without a one man advantage and a Somerset monsoon to help them, I'm predicting a home win by 2 clear goals.

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Anonymous said...

You won't even bring 1000 to Millwall.
You lot are scared!