Saturday, 20 February 2010


Charlton Athletic 2 - Yeovil Town 0
Our team actually looked like they were playing with both belief and purpose this afternoon as the 5 game winless run, finally ended.

Yeovil could quite easily have gone 1-0 up but Robbie Elliot performed well to (twice) block free shots.

After the early scares, the Addicks looked fairly comfortable pushing forward, especially down the left side.

Debutant Johnnie Jackson made all the difference, linking particularly well with Kyel Reid, thereby taking the pressure off Lloyd Sam to provide the crosses.

Nicky Bailey had a game to forget.
Among the many errors today, he missed a golden opportunity to put the home side ahead when given the chance to go one on one with the 'keeper.
If anything, he had too much time to compose himself and merely blasted the ball against McCarthy who came rushing out from the Glovers goal.

On half an hour, Charlton pushed forward in numbers and looked to have an advantage of 5 players to 3 in the attack.
When Kyel Reid shaped to shoot it didn't look like the correct decision but the ferocity and late bend of his shot gave the Yeovil keeper no chance at all. McCarthy looked to have the ball well covered but the wicked bend in flight completely bamboozled him.
Charlton continued to press forward and the dominance finally paid dividends a second time, after 54 minutes, when Dave Mooney walloped the ball into the roof of the net after good play down the right side.

At 2-0, Charlton looked comfortable and the end of the game was played out without the usual Charlton jitters.

Well done to Parky and all the players for placing a smile on our faces this evening. It's been a while.

Norwich losing today is a bonus but they are so far ahead of us we need them to falter a few more times.

Lucky, lucky Leeds scoring again, EXTREMELY late into added on time, (AGAIN!) was a little disappointing as the Yorkshire side grabbed a draw at home against Brighton.

If we play with the same sense of belief on Tuesday, also against Brighton, I can see another 3 points on the board for us.
It's still all to play for.......... and I really didn't think that earlier in the week.

A Casual Rating
I'm awarding a 'welcome to the Valley' Lacoste polo shirt to new boy Johnnie Jackson. He had an almost faultless performance and seemed to be everywhere, doing just the right thing. Well done Johnnie!

The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is being awarded to Nicky Bailey.
He wasn't appalling, just not up to the high standards we expect from our captain.
He made errors that on another day would have been harshly punished, not least losing possession in dangerous positions and passing too often without looking.

In fairness to Nicky, it was his tenacity and endeavor to win the ball back after an error that lead directly to the build up for the first goal.
However, in his heart of hearts, Nicky will know that today won't be going onto his highlight DVD.

Finally, please permit me a brief moment of self congratulation as this has been my 100th CC posting.
Thanks to everyone who has bothered to read me.


Ketts said...

Congratulations on notching your first ton CC, don't you dare ever go away, always a good and interesting read.

Marco. said...

Thanks Ketts- I'll keep posting while I have the time and when I have something to say.
I don't think I could ever keep up with your daily missives record though, so well done to you.