Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Come Together, Right Now....

It's a wonderful world we live in.

As soon as the underground press started whispering about a 'Happening' in South London, it quickly became the talk of the town.
Within days, the local 'heads' had made arrangements to get together for the first time in 14 years.
Tickets sold by The Man, quickly vanished.

A run down shed, built for good times that never arrived, (London SE16), is to be the venue for the Love In. (3pm, Saturday March 13th 2010).

Many thousands of Merry Pranksters from Bermondsey, have given up their usual apathy for local community events to climb on board the groovy train.
Thousands of younger wannabees have been talking in class and deciding they need to get down with the Bermondsey hipsters, wanting to copy the image and revel in the fear these slackers present to the straight world.

WPC Nicola Bailey was on hand to comment, "It's truly a heart warming tale. It brought a tear to my eye when I heard of so many long lost friends who are so keen to meet up again after such a long period of estrangement. It's bound to be an afternoon of love, peace and tolerance unless the placid South London atmosphere is ruined by some tourists from Kent."

She did issue a few words of caution for the fun lovers.

"You may take this with however many grains of salt you wish. The brown Bovril circulating around the New Den isn't too good. It's suggested you stay away from that. Of course, it's your own trip so be my guest but please be advised that there is a warning on that one"

Thanks for that Sister.
Hang loose and stay casual daddio.


Anonymous said...

Have you been watching the Woodstock movie?
Brown bovril. Ha ha.

StoneMuse said...

lol, love it