Friday, 12 March 2010

Toolbox 'Sellout'.

The picture is the usual scene inside the New Den at kick off time.

Perhaps, in an effort to catch a glimpse of 'stars' such as Nicky Bailey or Jose Semedo, the locals have suddenly remembered where 'their' team play?

Whatever the reasons, our arrival at SE16 has captured the locals imagination.
For the first time this century, it's a 'Sell Out.'

Despite having room for around 20,000 seats, the capacity at Zampa Road has been set by safety officials at around 17,000.

Due to sections of the ground being left empty, (to reduce the chance of half wits launching coins at visiting supporters), there will be people locked outside while seats are left begging.

(Not all of the seats purchased will be held by internet sensation, 'Stuwall'.)

Millwall must be one of the few clubs on the planet who moved to a new ground so they could reduce their capacity.

Apparently, as Away supporters, we are going to experience something like we've never experienced before.
Yes, all those trips to Manchester United, Newcastle, Spurs, Liverpool etc etc really will pale into insignificance when we arrive at Bermondsey to hear what around 14,000 people cheering sounds like.

Maybe, if we bump into these guys, it might be an interesting afternoon but I'm not too confident of our team getting much out of the game.
I'd love to be proved wrong but I'll be arriving in hope rather than any kind of expectation.

Enjoy the game.


Phil said...

Marco, to repeat my gag from a few years ago Pink Lions = Gay Pride !

Let's hope the lads can surprise us today and come away with at least a point.

StoneMuse said...

Been a little concerned about this game but woke up this morning optimistic. I will be at the Toolbox today and expect to see a Charlton win. Bailey the hero.

Miss Kish said...

You were so right to be pessimistic Marco