Sunday, 21 March 2010


Oh yes, the pride is back!

Bring out the best glasses and open the Bolinger.

I strutted home yesterday through the drizzle, doing a fair impression of John Travolta in the opening sequence from Saturday Night Fever.

The memories of our capitulation at The New Den have been wiped clear.
Yes, local bragging rights are restored.
We are Kings of the Hill, Billy Big Balls and Joe Cool all mixed up together.

The news will have reverberated around the globe last night with Addicks the world over letting out a sigh of relief and rejoicing.

Yes- we managed to hold relegation threatened Gillingham to a draw.
At home.



Anonymous said...

nice picture!

Anonymous said...

Yes parky inspired a reaction from his players. if the penalty the ref reused to give for Burton being grabbed around the neck had been scored and the 2 crossbar hits had gone in we would be happier.
The problem was, Gillingham were bad but we made them look good. We should have crushed them in the 2nd half but our players don't seem to be able to push on.

Kings Hill Addick said...

I'm not so sure Anon, I think that photo is a bit shit.

Marco. said...

Parky was possibly held back as he couldn't really change anything due to losing 2 players to injury.

I'm just feeling a little flat about CAFC lately.

Anonymous said...

Two shit teams say no more..