Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cheer Up!

A 'three nought' defeat is never a time to start clapping your mates on the back and bursting into song.
Generally, a few moments of quiet contemplation followed by a shrug of the shoulders are what works for me.
Last season I became quite the expert at coping with setbacks.

I cheered myself up after the game this evening by watching one of the clips used to promote the new 'hymn to the 80's casual' version of 'The Firm'.

I sat with some noisy Bexleyheath Millwall 'yoof' last week at Cineworld, watching the film. The clip doesn't actually appear in the movie, it's a viral sent out into the world to pump up interest.
I love the music and I REALLY love the Fila wardrobe.
Adidas, Sergio Tacchini, Kappa and Ellesse also get mentioned in the film.

As I sat with the teenagers last week, I realised they weren't even twinkles in their mother's milkmen's eyes when I was wearing that clobber the first time round!


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