Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Happy Me.

Happy Days.

Other people have written at length, showing far more insight than me, about what happened yesterday,(now that the transfer window has slammed shut), so I won't repeat it here.

Let me just say that I've always been really pleased with Richard Murray and his team of directors.
However, my belief was the only way we were likely to have a chance of keeping our 'jewels' was with an input of fresh cash and that outcome, I felt, was only going to happen with a T*** O***.

I woke up this morning to find that all of our most likely involuntary sales were still signed to us.
I also found that one of my favourite Charlton players since our Premiership exit, Sam Sodje, has returned.
He is locally based and made no secret that Charlton are 'his team', when he was here before.

I feel that we have got the best of both worlds, at least for the moment.

We have an 'upstairs' who I trust and even though they have made mistakes, they have proven to be genuine Charlton fans and want the best for the club and the supporters. I don't know how they did it yesterday but a huge thanks is coming from me.

We also have everything on the playing side of things I'd hoped / dreamed for, plus cover in defence which was the glaring hole.

Well done to everyone involved.

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