Saturday, 5 September 2009

Six Packed!

Charlton won for the sixth consecutive league game, without having to work too hard in this lunchtime fixture.

Brentford put up more of a fight than either Tranmere or Walsall but after the tenth minute first goal, Charlton only ever looked like taking the three points.

That first goal was due to an amalgamation of tremendous work by Lloyd Sam and the most appalling defending. Deon Burton has scored three goals this season due to poor defending - and long may it continue! Burton didn't seem to hit the ball cleanly but it was well enough to set off early celebrations and reminders to the 'live' television audience that we are, in fact, top of the league.

There was a slight wobble in defence when the ball bounced up and clearly hit Nicky Bailey on the arm while he was inside the penalty area. Neither the linesman or referee seemed remotely interested but it is just the kind of decision that would have gone against us last season.

The defence looked able to repel the Brentford forwards without being spectacular or diving in making last ditch tackles. They were soaking up attacks before they really became worthy of the label.

Sam was having one of his better days. -He was fantastic!
Had he been playing less well, his lime green boots would have looked stupid but today they just helped highlight that he was a class apart from his opponents.

Bailey, Sam, Semedo, Racon and Shelvey all look remarkably comfortable at this level. We all know they should be playing in a higher league but for now, it is a joy to see them perform with the extra time allowed on the ball. Mistakes aren't punished quite so severely either.
Last season, a mistake in midfield often seemed to bring about a collapse and then conceding a goal. This season a mistake has meant the players behind having to stretch a little to mop up the ball and retain possession.

The second Charlton goal, after around half an hour, was scored by Sam after a glorious piece of pass and move football. It was so good, it was replayed on the big screen. Remember when that used to be normal?

We could have all gone home at half time. Nothing much changed during the second 45 minutes. Charlton still dominated but the heat had gone out of the game.

Despite supposedly being injured, Charlie MacDonald came on as a substitute and received a warm welcome from both sets of fans.

Brentford kept plugging away but never really looked likely to score. They did manage to hit Rob Elliot's woodwork from a free kick but Charlton were worth a two goal lead. It nearly became a three goal lead when Izale McLeod, who had replaced a very tired looking Shelvey, managed to tuck the ball into the bottom corner of the Brentford goal but the East stand linesman had spotted an infringement in the build up.

It's a good time to be a Charlton supporter. Last season every game became a 'tricky' fixture and for what seemed like an eternity, I couldn't see where the next win was coming from. Now every game is starting to look like an opportunity to pick up some more points.

Next week we have the return of 'Super' Alan Pardew and Southampton. Can we make it seven from seven?

Casual Rating
A Lacoste Polo shirt to both Lloyd Sam who has hit the rich form we all believed was in there somewhere and also to the Brentford support. The Bees crowd tried their hardest to raise their team but to no avail.
The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt goes to the Brentford number 12, Cleveland Taylor. What a horrible little boy. He yacked away at the ref, complaining about everything. Even after being given a yellow card he didn't calm himself. He was replaced before he had a proper tantrum.

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