Saturday, 26 September 2009

Izale consolidates second spot.

I was 'Billy no mates' for the first half today as we played our home fixture against the 'Grecians' of Exeter.

Crispy was stuck on the wrong side of the Blackwall Tunnel, apparently due to the lengthy clear up after an accident. He only showed up at half time, looking rather annoyed. He was probably the only person in the East stand who was unaware we were leading 1-0.

I sent regular text updates throughout the first half, letting him know of our progress.
The general theme was that we were comfortably in control but with nothing to show for it.
He missed my message saying that Bailey had scored from a short corner so he was still under the impression we had been plugging away without reward.

The Grecians had brought enough fans to nearly fill the lower section of the South stand. Reports that a large proportion were actually London based means little. They were obviously up for it and tried hard to raise their team. Their local media had likened the trip to the Valley as their 'Cup Final'.

Our support was rather muted.
It would seem that many of us are finding it hard to adjust to playing competitive games against the likes of Walsall and Exeter. A few years ago, it seemed faintly ridiculous when sections of the crowd started half hearted chants when playing against tier 3 teams in the early rounds of the Carling cup. The feeling has remained for many, even though we are now meeting these teams as equals.

One positive from today was the almost total absence of the 'Addams Family' chant. It's run its course now. It was never very clever or witty but probably just about acceptable if it was only sung once or twice a season.
Unfortunately, within the last year it has become a top of the pops anthem for sections of our support.
Enough now. It's a crap chant and shouldn't we be singing in support of our team, rather than perceived social ills of our opponents?
When 'Valley Floyd Road' is sung less frequently than the 'Addams Family' we really have our priorities wrong.

The second half was dull until the last ten minutes.
The highlight until then was when Exeter carried on playing after the linesman had raised his flag for offside.
Most of their support didn't realise this so when the ball was smacked into the net in front off the Jimmy Seed stand they went wild.
A shirtless buffoon ran onto the pitch, still unaware that the 'goal' was never going to stand and attempted to celebrate for his easily impressed mates.
The invader was dragged off by security, who no doubt relished the opportunity to give someone a bit of a bruising.
He must have felt really stupid when he realised he had been turfed out for celebrating a Charlton free kick!

Izale McLeod came on for Deon Burton with about 20 minutes to go. He looked lively but was obviously short of confidence when close to goal.
Luckily, he had the easiest opportunity of his career to score and get the 'missing chances' monkey off his back.
He buried the ball in the North stand net when the ball rolled out to him in an unchallenged position.
It looked to me like a bad goalkeeping error which presented the chance but Izale celebrated like he'd taken on the whole of the Exeter side and then broken the net with a thunderbolt.
He was yellow carded for removing his shirt which always seems a bit of a dullard thing to do when we all know the consequences.

At 2-0 up with only 3 minutes to play it should have been a chance to relax.
Maybe our defence thought so too as during added on time, for the second week running we conceded.
Rob Elliot got involved in a bit of 'afters' with some over excited Exeter players in the back of the net. According to the tannoy, it sounded like 'Bertie Wooster' had scored for Exeter.
My programme lists the player as Bertrand Cozic.

The Grecians pushed on, hopeful of another goal but with Sam Sodje coming on to solidify the defence and our midfield and forwards keeping possession we hung on.

For a few glorious moments we were back at the top of the league but as I left my seat, Leeds United scored in injury time against Franchise FC.
Added on time has not been kind to us lately.

Casual Rating
The Lacoste polo shirt is being awarded to Kelly Youga. He looked solid and played some fantastic touches, especially in the first half. His recent surging runs are also something I hope he continues.
The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt goes to the wally who ran onto the pitch.
I have the feeling he had been a little 'thirsty' on the trip up to town from the countryside. As he left his top half clothing somewhere in the South stand he probably needs something to keep out the evening chill.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Marco, and for the first half updates. Crispy

iberian valley said...

That tunnel can be a bugger - why is he called Crispy?

Kings Hill Addick said...

There was a miscreant in an executive box at the back of the East Stand singing the 'Adams Family' song on his own yesterday. How proud his parents must be?

The sooner that song goes for good the better as far as I'm concerned.

One of the things about being a big club (relative to the others in the division) is that it is easy for other clubs' fans to learn to hate you. We have benefitted from being 'Little Charlton' in the Premier League in recent seasons, and I'm welcomed everywhere by football fans as a result.

Continued arrogance and/or the singing of those kind of songs to anyone other than our local rivals and we risk being singled out as the type of club that I believe we have spent decades trying to different to.