Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Magnificent Seven? Not Quite.

As I returned to my home, I flicked on some music and The Magnificent Seven by The Clash was the track my shuffle selection came up with.
So nearly a perfect seven today but everyone would have grabbed our 6 wins from seven record back in July, especially as our 'duff' result is a score draw.
A measure of our progress since last season is that many were down hearted today about only gaining a point!

It was a strange game today.
Southampton were by far the better team in the first half. They controlled the pace and bossed midfield which made me think that perhaps the injuries to Bailey and Racon should have let in someone else.
Southampton were rightly 1-0 up at the break. It should have been 2-0 but Rob Elliot managed a save that was so good, I have no idea what he did. I could already see the net bulging yet he somehow performed a miracle.

The second half was a much better performance from the Addicks.
Pace, inspiration, flowing football, - it was all there to be seen.

Deon Burton bundled the ball into the net after some trickery by Jonjo Shelvey out on the left and Charlton were flying.

The ball went into the North stand net of Southampton twice more.
The first time I conceded it probably was a correct call to flag offside but the second one I am very, very anxious to see again in slow motion.
The eagle eyed East stand linesman flagged both times but strangely was suffering a case of blindness when the Saints number 12, Trotman, swung a punch as one of the series of handbags episodes began.

The referee lost control for large periods of the game and gave the impression of being quite out of his depth. The players sensed this and some very hard tackles came in from both teams.

Kelly Youga nearly scored the goal of his life when he took on what seemed like the whole of the Southampton team before his rasping shot came back at him from the upright.

Lloyd Sam had to come off after another impressive display. He had stayed down after the action moved away. He was treated and then managed to walk back to the dressing room but he was limping so I'm hoping he will be fit for Carrow Road next weekend.

We really could and should have been looking at a score of 2 or even 3 - 1 to Charlton heading into injury time.
As terrible as it feels to have the ball in the goal three times but still be drawing 1-1, we very nearly threw it away at the death.
The defence went into panic mode and on another day Llera would have had a penalty given against him for dragging down his opponent.

Perhaps we were lucky that the referee was so shockingly bad. Had he been on his game, we could have been on the receiving end of an awful defeat in the 93rd minute.

The pantomime calls against Pardew were little more than a sideshow today. I'm sure that he feels pleased to have got a point from his old employers but his list of draws this season really aren't enough to start overturning the 10 points he has to gain before he can register a positive.

Casual Rating
The Lacoste polo goes to Kelly Youga for his goal attempt and Rob Elliot for his wonder save.
The officials can jointly take home a Primark novelty slogan tee shirt. They were poor for us but the Saints fans would also be able to say the same for them.


Ketts said...

It wa a typical Pardew performance CC, they dominated the first period, they took the lead, they failed to win.

Seven games, no wins, four leads surrendered but looked good. Sound familiar?!!

Marco. said...

I agree Ketts. I imagine Pardew is searching right now for that extra emergency loan player(s) who will turn those draws into wins. I doubt very much that he will try to coach improvements into the players he already has.

Anonymous said...

I suppose we've had the refereeing decisions go with us quite a bit of late, and so could expect some to go against.

Have you seen replays of the two goals yet Marco? the poxy football league show on BBC 1 showed a brief glimmer of the second disallowed goal only.

Pembury Addick

Marco. said...

I've only seen the same as you. I thought the second 'goal' that was chalked off was ok at the time and the pictures seemed to agree.
It's a long season and there will be plenty of other chances to win games without having to receive decisions in our favour. It's how we move on from this minor setback that's important.

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