Thursday, 10 September 2009

He's Back!

Southampton arrive at The Valley on Saturday for a fixture many have been looking forward to.

There has been some less than friendly 'banter' between both sets of supporters over recent years, some of it becoming far too physical for my liking.

The press will no doubt remind us that only a few years ago, this was a Premier League encounter and that it's a shame two great clubs should find themselves ..... blah blah...,(yawn).

Most of the Charlton support will be very aware of the last time we saw the current Saints manager, Alan Pardew. He was being booed off the pitch as we were completely outplayed and out thought by Sheffield United. Then he was gone and there were no goodbyes.

Despite bringing many of our current 'star' players to the club such as Bailey and Racon, Pardew will be remembered for the expensive flops and having the list of players available for loan on permanent 'Favourite' at the top of his computer homepage.

Andy Gray and Luke Varney may be lovely fellers but I defy anyone to put forward an argument supporting their value for money at Charlton. Pardew spent money with a machine gun approach.

Luckily for Pards, Southampton seem to have some fresh funds for him to spend or fritter/waste/get lucky with.

At Charlton, every new Pardew player was potentially that final piece in his jigsaw, until a few weeks later of course.
I read what was said about Mark Hudson when he arrived and with the benefit of hindsight it all looks so doomed to fail!

So, predictions.
Pardew knows most of our squad and will be hoping to use his familiarity of our set up to his advantage.
Reports of Nicky Bailey being injured would be a shame if true as our midfield has looked a class apart.
I am going for a narrow 2-1 victory, partly because I don't want our good run to end and partly because it will be my birthday and birthday boys are always allowed a wish.

I spent my early teens as a schoolboy who was asked to train with Southampton.
I had been 'spotted' and my parents spent many an evening ferrying me to sessions. It was the period when we occasionally got Kevin Keegan or 'Big Lawrie' coming down to impress us just by turning up.
Happy Days.
Due to my positive experiences of Southampton as a club, I wish them every success AFTER Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

February 8 2008 is the only good thing I can think of about Luke Varney. It made my weekend! Not sure if that counts as value for money? And Andy Gray....errrr.... struggling.