Saturday, 3 October 2009

Leeds Held at Home.

I wasn't at the game today so I really can't add much beyond the most basic of sketchy reports.

I was due to be at Selhurst Park, (Yes really), for the visit of my 'second team' Blackpool.

A long standing arrangement, ever since the fixture lists were printed, actually came to nothing as the friend who was coming down from Lancashire unfortunately had a death in the family.
I could have gone anyway but I resented giving Tangoman any of my hard earned for the joy of being in an environment more suited to livestock. It all went pear shaped for the Seasiders, even Sharon Ambrose managed to get on the scoresheet as Blackpool went down 4-1.

Apparently, despite the postal problems, Charlton managed to sell 1,400 tickets for the trip to Elland Road. I'm sure that most of the away support went in hope rather than expectation on the fairly long trip North. The reported crowd was just shy of 32,000 so the game had obviously caught the imagination of the Yorkshire folk.

I have been to Elland Road on many occasions and it can be a noisy and intimidating place.
On our last visit, what seemed like half the home crowd ran onto the pitch at the end and carried Alan Smith on their shoulders, despite relegation, after our 3-3 draw.

Today, there were to be no over zealous celebrations from anyone but I have to admit to cheering loudly from my sofa as we managed to close out the tricky final few minutes of the game.
An honourable draw that Charlton would have "won on points" had it been boxing according to the fairly partisan CAFC player service.

A draw is more than most of us dreamed of, especially after the calamity at Colchester. However, the match statistics indicate we had 55% possession and had 6 shots on target compared to Leeds 5.
The game was there for the taking but I for one, will congratulate Parky and his team for their stellar efforts this afternoon.
I make no apologies for the picture of Allan 'Sniffer' Clarke, - he was a boyhood idol of mine.
No matter what Leeds United have done since or do in the future, they will always be the team of Bremner, Giles, Reaney, Madeley etc. etc. to me.
Unloved by many but most certainly a team who knew how to play to orders and would walk in front of a bullet for their manager.


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of Gary Sprake.
A bit of a David James character. A fine goalkeeper but really became famous for his 'howlers' such as throwing the ball into his own net and making an easy catch only to drop the ball over the line!
Leeds lost something when he was replaced by David Harvey.

Anonymous said...

I have been a confirmed Addick since 1965 when my dad took me to the Valley, although Leeds were my 'second' team in the Revie era. My dad used to take me to see them when they were in town. Jordan with the headers down and Lorimer with the bullet shot..but who can forget Mick Jones with his broken collar bone going up the steps to collect his winners medal after Sniffer had secured the spoils against Arsenal? Hopefully Charlton will rise again and give me some more memories to cherish (like Shirtliffs double and Clives hat trick)....I agree it wasn't the same when Sprake was ousted.