Friday, 30 October 2009

Carlisle (Far) Away.

No thanks.
Unless it's Belinda Carlisle of course.
Cor !! Yes, I'm still stuck in the 80's.

When I was, (briefly) contemplating following the Addicks this weekend I had a quick look at a road atlas.
I'd made my decision within three seconds.

I schlepped to Blackpool both last season and for the previous one.
The journey to Lancashire by car, quite frankly, almost made me question my sanity.
Any excursion to Carlisle makes the ones to Blackpool look like a precursor to a bit of a local scrap.
I'm not sure what the mascot of Carlisle is but they wouldn't be pushing it too far if they chose a polar bear.

I have made it to far North away games in the past - Boro, Leeds, the Manchesters, the Liverpools, Bolton etc. etc. but a trip to Carlisle I fear would be taking the biscuit, crumbling it into dust and then sprinkling it onto a raspberry ripple sundae.

It's not for me.

So, it's to be an afternoon lazing with a cafetiere of steaming hot coffee, a copy of the weekend Guardian and CAFC player (hopefully) connected to the WiFi.

Most of us dislike the idea of 'loan signings' but when done properly and in moderation, they really can be the difference between a successful and a mediocre season.

Frazer Richardson is injured and Chris Solly is now recovering from surgery so our full back department is looking extremely light.
Parky signed Elliot Omozusi this morning on loan until December from (no one??) but Fulham hold his registration.
Apparently, Omozusi is a right back and he has been at the training ground this week, getting to know the set up.

I wish all those people heading North a safe journey. It's not even as if there's going to be much when they get there, - I mean, after all that considerable effort they'll be in CARLISLE !

At least for the return game the Cumbrians who make the trip South can have a weekend break in London but going our way seems rather a bum deal.

So, godspeed those heading North.
I'll be thinking of you as I get up late and mooch around in Greenwich before ambling my way towards the sofa at around 3pm.


Anonymous said...

Plastic ; )

Ketts said...

You lightweight CC, get off your 'aris, jump in the jam jar & get up there!!

If you're all going to Carlisle clap your hands, if you're....

Marco. said...

On your own mate!