Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sexy Football at The Valley?

News spread like wildfire today that top shelf smut merchant David Sullivan was pondering splashing some of his cash into Charlton Athletic, (or West Ham), (or Norwich), (or Melchester Rovers??)

Many people will be appalled but I'd be fairly positive.

If we simply have to lose the current regime, (and it's no secret they are actively looking to get at least a fair proportion of their investment back), I'd much rather go for someone who has a well documented history in this country rather than some unknown foreign Jonny who may well have earned his money via all sorts of human rights violations.

Skin mags are not an ideal link up for a self styled 'family club', but at least we'd know who we were getting, that being someone with a love for the game and a history of supporting his managers financially.


StoneMuse said...

Have a look at the Brum feeling about this on KK's blog -

Marco. said...

Ah- I may have been a little hasty with my support.
I suppose time will tell.
Personally, I think he'll end up with the Hammers.