Saturday, 17 October 2009

Udder Delight

I got it wrong.
Well done to Lee Clarke and his Huddersfield team who came with the intention of trying to make a game of it.

It will seem really unfair to them as they were streets ahead of last weeks opponents Oldham, yet they exited the Valley empty handed while Oldham left with a point.

The Rose of Denmark was packed out with especially thirsty away supporters, who were good natured but noisy.

When they arrived at the Valley they got behind their team, making for a good atmosphere.

Charlton started brightly and Crispy called it correctly when he said a corner was going "Straight onto Sodje's head".
The Valley erupted as Sam Sodje, returning to replace Llera, buried the chance with a header so powerful the keeper barely had time to move.
The rest of the half was a little disappointing for Charlton with many half chances coming to nothing. Huddersfield looked dangerous in attack, leading us to believe it was only a matter of time before they found the net.
With only around 5 minutes of the half remaining, the referee East made one of his many truly third division decisions and gave a free kick to Huddersfield.
What cannot be denied is the excellence of the free kick from Anthony Pilkington. An absolute rocket that gave Rob Elliot no chance at all in the Charlton goal.

At the start of the second half, Semedo came on for Spring who was now carrying a yellow card. The new look partnership of Burton and McLeod continued up front and Charlton looked more balanced.
With only 5 minutes of the second half on the clock, McLeod rose to head home from inside the six yard box.
He took his chance really well but then set off for a doofus moment in front of the North West corner, removing his shirt for the obvious yellow card.
Have a word Parky.

The rest of the second half was a series of good attacking play from both sides. The referee was making no friends, especially when McLeod tumbled in the penalty area.
It was never a penalty but Izale was always unlikely to receive one, even in the unlikely circumstances of being chopped down at waist height. His constant tumbling and half hearted rolling on the floor in the first half really counted against him. He had lost any elements of benefit of doubt from the officials.

Scott Wagstaff came on for Lloyd Sam and played well for the final quarter of an hour. Charlton could have scored two or three more but unfortunately it looked more likely that any goal was going to be scored at the other end.

Five minutes of added on time meant squeaky bums all round but finally the referee blew for time and the crowd yelled with relief.

After last weeks borefest, it was good to be at an entertaining game.
We really should have guessed it was likely to be so, as Huddersfield played Robbie Williams, wearing shirt numbered 16.

Casual Rating
The Lacoste polo shirt goes to Christian Dailly who went about his business quietly but efficiently. He really has become Mister Dependable in the Charlton defence.
The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt goes to referee East for some of his very odd decisions. Aided / misguided by some dubious calls from the East stand lino, he made a complete horlicks of letting the game flow. He believed we had all come to see him. He made some truly woeful decisions, (some of which benefited Charlton). We don't want homers, we just want the decisions to be correct.

I've just seen Darren Bent being interviewed on Sky Sports News.
He's everyone's favourite Mackem nowadays but he proved beyond doubt that he's still an Addick at heart. He stated he hoped his goals would help "Charlton push up the table".
 He quickly realised what he'd said and had a laugh about it, changing it to Sunderland.

Good on you Darren!

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