Friday, 16 October 2009

Addicks pull a Mooney

Yeah, I know.
Totally juvenile.

I'd only just got over the Summer news of David Moyes being after Fanni when Charlton decided to pull a Mooney.

Despite what you've just read, I'm not really 12 years old.

Unfortunately, for me, our new "Emergency Loan Striker" has a name that will always bring to mind memories of 'mooning' pleasure craft as they approach the Thames Barrier.

Ah, happy days.

After seeing Izale McLeod floundering last weekend, I was a little concerned but hardly felt we were in a State of Emergency.
If we truly are at panic stations when it comes to strikers, surely we can call back Chris Dickson from his spell of scoring goals for our rivals down in Bristol?
However, Mooney it is.

Tomorrow we host Huddersfield Town.
I liked Lee Clarke as a player and he seems to be doing fairly well as a manager.

I hope I'm wrong but I fear that just like Oldham who came for a draw last week, Huddersfield will be seeking not to lose more than hoping to win.
A point at the Valley is now seen as an achievement, unlike last season when all three were often gift wrapped.

I'm expecting Huddersfield to park their team bus in their own penalty area and hope to score on the break.

I hope Parky has worked on a plan B to break down the stubborn opposition who refuse to come out with all guns blazing, (and rather helpfully leaving gaps at the back for our team to exploit).

Come on you Reds!


Anonymous said...

Nice arse Marco.
Anyone we know?

Marco. said...

Known to me! Sitting next to her now.