Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'm back - briefly.

Last night I returned to London on the Eurostar after a quick break.

I enjoyed a really pleasant and laid back few days with the extended family in Normandy, then I spent a couple of days in Paris just hanging about.

I've spent lots of time in Paris over the years so didn't feel compelled to go charging around visiting all the 'must sees'.

I did however, watch the sun go down over Paris from Sacre Coeur. It was a beautiful experience shared with around 5000 people who all had the same idea! It ended up being a big free party - some black kids had brought along drums and guitars which they were mixing into the music playing from their sound system. Many people, (not me), danced away with Paris twinkling below.

I also went up the Tour Montparnasse. I'm a huge fan of tall buildings and always make a point of ascending the tallest building in any city I visit. The views were phenomenal. It brought home that we are lacking anything similar in London. We have tall buildings but due to security risks blah blah our highest and most famous buildings are not open to the public.

We do have the wheel on the South Bank but the pressure of enjoying the ride within the 30 minute rotation without feeling trapped or needing a wee means that many people aren't keen.

Yesterday, I sat around reading, people watching and listening to my iPod beneath the Tour Eiffel. (See the picture above).

My playlist included many French tunes including 'chansons' by Etienne Daho, Desireless, Ladyhawke and France Gall. -I'm so bloody cosmopolitan!

After a week away, Charlton Athletic seem to be ever so slightly on a roll. Wins against Ipswich and Bournemouth, plus many of the players we assumed would be off still training at Sparrows Lane has given a sense of hope to many of the Addickted.


Anonymous said...

Great music Marco.
It's not all Jonny Hallyday in France!

Anonymous said...

That France Gall tune reminds me of holidays doing Eurocamp with my family in the 80's.
Didn't know who it was or what it was called until now.

Dave said...

I wouldn't have my eye on those trainers Marco!

Marco. said...

What? My beaten up old Adidas plimsolls that got wrecked in a Normandy rockpool?
They've been through the washing machine now and they do look a bit better.
Puma 'Clydes' today!