Monday, 24 August 2009

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner?

I'm feeling good.

At the time of writing, Charlton are top of the league, (tier 3 admittedly), England have regained the Ashes and the late Summer sunshine is still poking through the clouds, meaning I don't feel ridiculous while wearing shorts and flip flops.

This afternoon I did something I very rarely do.

I'd had a stroke of luck when I went into school this morning to prepare for the new school year. I was told the building was closing at 1pm so I would have to leave before then. (Shame eh?)

I decided to just go for an amble, for no particular reason or purpose.

When I visit my favourite cities such as Paris, New York, Amsterdam or Brussels, I particularly enjoy just wandering about, taking in the sights, sounds and smells and getting a 'feel' for the place.

Not shopping, not haring around the 'must see' tourist destinations, just being in a place and enjoying it for what it is.

Of course, this is something we almost never do in our home environment, unless we are showing friends from out of town around.

I took the tube from North Greenwich to London Bridge, then exited with no particular plans.

I walked through Hay's Galleria and then took the riverside walk towards Waterloo.

London is truly beautiful in the sunshine. As I strolled along the South side of the Thames, I felt a rush of pride when I saw the legions of tourists taking photographs of the Tower, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Golden Hinde, The Globe theatre, Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge, The South Bank Centre and the London Eye.

I was born in London. This is my home. I felt blessed.

I crossed the river at Waterloo and headed towards Trafalgar Square. Apparently, I missed a naked woman who was one of the 2400 people given the chance by sculptor Anthony Gormley of spending an hour alone on the fourth plinth. A fully clothed woman was sitting having a picnic when I got there. (Boo!)

Next, I ventured towards Covent Garden. I generally only ever go there to meet friends in pubs and it was good to just take it easy, without having to worry about being late or that I was going to enter a bar with impeccable timing, just as my companions have emptied their glasses!

As it turned out, I did meet up with friends who were eating al fresco prior to an evening at the theatre, so I sat with them for around 15 minutes before heading off again.

I carried on walking for another 3 hours, finally ending up in the Apple store, Regent Street. (I couldn't help it, -it's like a magnet for me).

I love going to different places, both in this country and abroad but sometimes it's truly refreshing to look at your home turf without the pressures of being busy and having stuff to do.

I love London. It's a 'World Class City' and though it's certainly not perfect, it is a wonderful place.

.......................(Not forgetting here especially).

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Anonymous said...

Did you then read the report on the LONDON derby of West ham v Millwall and think ah Londoner's know how to enjoy themselves....Colin in thailand.