Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Yassou !

Again, I'm wishing everyone a goodbye. (Yassou).

In a few hours I'll be off to Greece for a week of sun, fine foods and too much beer.

In the previous years I've visited this same village, I've got used to wandering around with ONE lovely woman.

"Pretty lady, special price!" rings around my ears, as we do the evening promenade, calling into every leather goods shop and jewelry trading post within a flip flop walking range.

This year it's going to be slightly different.

Not content with escorting one beautiful woman, - I shall be vacationing with THREE!

The two 'extras' would probably rather eat their own weight in lard than spend time with me but it doesn't stop me feeling a little bit like this or this, or even this.

Unfortunately, compared to my companions, I'm more likely to resemble this.

The two youngest, will hope to be spending their time enacting the scenes from Blur's 'Girls & Boys' video while us two older /mature specimens will be dozing under a sun umbrella with a good book!

Yes, it's going to be tough without my broadband, WiFi and daily glances at the Charlton blog sites but I think I'll be able to manage!

I will of course be missing our opening game against the 'Chairboys' of Wycombe.

What an effete nickname! It makes 'Addick' seem quite hard and almost on a par with 'Lions' and 'Tigers'.

My first game of the season will be away at Orient on the 18th August. It seems ages away and by then we could /should have a bit of an idea of how our season is likely to progress. Much will depend on the 'T*** O***' and the ability to retain certain players but we will have seen how Parky wants to set up his players this season.

So, over and out, from me (and the 3 babes!)


Anonymous said...

You lucky git.
I have to go and watch Charlton. In the rain probably.

Anonymous said...

will you be enjoying s b s's?!!!or swapping facts with any other football fanatics while you're there by any chance!!???

Marco. said...

Yes- hello Sarah.
I've spoken to Sergiano & we will be having the sweaty b****** sweets, handed over with a flourish along with " for the road!"

Anonymous said...

I fancy the one on the right.