Sunday, 16 August 2009

Buckmore Park

On Friday evening and this afternoon, (Sunday), I finally accomplished something that I've really fancied doing for ages and ages.

I left the comfort of South East London and headed out to what has been described, (not by Paul Scally), as 'the Charlton heartlands' of Mid Kent for some sessions at Buckmore Park.

Lewis Hamilton features heavily on the promotional literature. It may as well have been Lewis coaches and Christine Hamilton for all the skills I showed on my first few warm up laps. It took a while to learn the correct racing lines and the parts of the circuit where a gentle touch of the brakes is necessary. I performed a few pirouettes while the tyres were still warming to optimum temperature but it was all good fun.

There are two classes of karts available for hire. Pro karts and also a Sports version. The Sports versions go a little faster so I opted for the slower version while learning.

On Friday I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but today was even better. I beat / smashed my best lap times from Friday and didn't spin off while trying to push it, though I was knocked off the track twice by an over eager girl who looked like she was desperate to prove something.

If you've even the slightest interest in motor sport, or even just enjoy driving, it is a fantastic experience. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Have virtual lap of the circuit here.


Anonymous said...

I love it there. You have reminded me that i need to go back soon.
Really enjoyed the YouTube film of the fast lap.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention i so kindly got you the vouchers to go??!!!!!