Monday, 17 August 2009

Stanchion 2 Crystal Palace 0

Colin is livid after Palace scored a perfectly good goal but the referee and his assistants didn't see it. (Arf !)

I can see Colin's point but he is such a charmless irk I really can't imagine the football authorities bending over backwards to ease his pain.

Crystal Palace have form in this kind of thing.

In 1980 Clive Allen 'scored' against Coventry. (Admire the tiny shorts and Clive Allen's perm).

These things 'even themselves out over the season' we are told but Warnock is spitting feathers, blaming the officials, blaming Bristol City players for not owning up, blaming Bristol City players for not taking the ball up the other end and scoring an own goal etc etc.

Strangely Warnock is not blaming his players for not scoring in the other 89 minutes available.

Rob Shroebridge, the hapless referee has been given a few weeks off by Keith Hackett.
I've always liked Gary Johnson.......


Anonymous said...

I believe it's called schadenfreude

sm said...

What dreadful cheats - it's up there with the manager telling his players to leave­ the pitch feigning an injury so as to get the match­ abandoned when down to 9 men and losing 3-0. To say nothing about the manner in which said manager's teams play the game - where physicality is at a premium and creativity is stamped upon.

As they say what goes around comes around ;)