Friday, 14 August 2009

What did I miss?

Well, I'm back home again after a week of doing very little other than sitting around in the sunshine, drinking Mythos beer, swimming, eating Greek food from friendly tavernas and avoiding all contact with home.

I've now got my washing spinning around and I've made sure that Top Cat still remembers me. (above).

I did get updates by text message from our opening game last Saturday but other than that, I've been out of the loop.

So what have I missed?

It would seem that the T*** O*** is still no nearer. The good and bad part of this is we are now in a 'Transfer Embargo', so none of our players will be leaving. Andy Gray seems to be the main player who has had his plans altered due to this situation.

We've won at home in a not particularly convincing fashion after enough chances to be out of sight. (Sounds familiar). A win is a win is a win so we should be happy with the 3 points.

We've been knocked out of the Milk/Rumbelows/Carling/Worthington/Pointless cup. We were never going to win it so most people aren't that fussed despite having enough chances to be out of sight. (Again).

We seem to be in danger of filling around a quarter of the Matchroom stadium for our visit to Leyton Orient on Tuesday. I already have my ticket and it will be my first Charlton experience since the friendly at Welling. To say that I'm up for it is an understatement.

Other than that, it seems I've not really missed much. I won't be heading North tomorrow to Hartlepool but I wish those who are going a safe journey and the opportunity to see an away victory. Remember those???


Anonymous said...

Nice Pussy! Hee hee.

Mrs Slocombe.

Ketts said...

Will update you from the Vic Marco. Good to have you back, hope to catch you at the Orient.