Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Operation Brainwash.

If my watch is working correctly, it should be approaching half time at the Valley about now. In truth, I'm not that fussed about missing a pre season friendly against Ipswich, though it would have been nice to meet up with some of the usual crowd for a drink prior to the game.

I'm sitting on the grass, drinking a super strength coffee outside our comfortable accomodation in Normandy. My nephew Jack is charging around as only a 5 year old can, kicking a beachball while wearing his Charlton shirt.

I spent this afternoon on the sand at St Martin sur Mer, near to Brehal, where I worked hard at force feeding my nephew and nieces the idea of becoming Addicks.

As residents of Brighton, they live near enough to London to have a passing interest but far enough away that they don't know anyone else who could help with their impending Addicktion.

Jack seems to be quite keen - he even tried to make the Charlton badge out of shells and pebbles on the side of a sandcastle! Daisy and Lily really aren't that bothered though they were very happy to pose for my photograph.

Cries of "Last one in the sea supports Crystal Palace" etc. don't really work, when the only kind of 'palace' you are aware of is where the Queen lives.

I've just received a text to say that we are 2-0 up at half time!

I really didn't expect that. Good luck in the second half.


Marco. said...

Two-one at the end. All penalties apparently.
What was the performance like?

Ketts said...

We played well Marco. Christian Dailly & Llera -one clumsy challnge aside - looked assured.

Certainly reasons to be cheerful & optimistic.Carry on with the brainwashing!

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