Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Q&A off.- Riches to Arrive?

The news that the Q&A on Thursday evening is off has meant some people now believe Charlton Athletic are well down the road to a take over.
The 'legal' reasons for delaying the meeting do seem to hint strongly that something is afoot behind the scenes in SE7.

The close season 2009 is going to be remembered as the one when we all got our knickers in a twist about take overs.
Then decided there wasn't one.
Then decided we were better off with out one.
Then were desperate for one again.

Throughout the whole period the club has kept quiet which has only added to the rumour factory.

Personally, I feel that just because there might be a take over, it doesn't guarantee anything.

We had much more disposable income than most of the teams around us after we were relegated to the Championship but spent it badly and made lots of errors.

Whoever comes in, (if anyone), will need to put the club back on an even keel before the subject of signings and 'luxuries' can be considered.

It could be an exciting couple of days.

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