Saturday, 18 July 2009

Outclassed in the Countryside

I made a phenomenal decision today.
I sat watching the Open.
Despite Tiger Woods missing the cut on Friday evening, it still made compelling viewing.

For a fleeting moment when I awoke, I contemplated heading West to see how the development of our heroes is progressing.

They've been training together for a few weeks now and surely we could expect some positives to be apparent. Couldn't we?

The simple answer is, we were outclassed by the Dog and Duck second eleven in a small Cotswold village.

A reported crowd of around 700, including over 100 Addicks, witnessed a 3-1 defeat for a rag bag Charlton XI against a Forest Green Rovers side who were having the first outing of their season.

Despite being a few weeks behind Charlton in their preparations, they completely outclassed their supposedly superior visitors.

Back to the training ground for Parkinson's troops I hope.


Anonymous said...

Same old defensive problems.
Same old same old for CAFC.
Even our goal was a bit of a fluke as the keeper should have stopped it.
Parkinson didn't cover himself in glory but we all need to remember that friendlies mean diddly squat.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself away from the t.v Marco & support the boys!