Saturday, 11 July 2009

My thoughts are with Colin

Though he never played for Charlton, I thought Colin Hendry was what we like to think of as a 'Charlton type'.

Unfortunately, the Charlton types of recent years have been players such as Jimmy Floyd Piggybanks, Djimi Traore and the Danish whippet when we did have some money and anyone who can't get a game elsewhere now that we haven't. (Just count them).

Hendry played like a Scottish Terry Butcher.
Maybe it's my mind playing tricks but he always seemed to be on MOTD diving in to recover the situation, deep into his own penalty area.
He stuck his head into dangerous places and was the epitome of taking one for the team.

I admired him when he decided to give up any involvement in football in order to care for Denise, his sick wife.
She had become ill after a cosmetic procedure had gone terribly wrong. Attempts to rectify the mistakes just added to the problems.

Unfortunately, Denise Hendry died yesterday in hospital in Greater Manchester, aged just 42.

My thoughts are with Colin and his 4 children.


Anonymous said...

Me too Casual. He was a strong and unflashy player.

Love your pic of JFH.

Anonymous said...

we could of done with him playing for us instead of Blackburn at wembley in the fool members cup !. My sympathy to you and your family Colin at this very sad time.

Chicago Addick said...

Well said Casual. RIP

Anonymous said...

Well said M. I was a big fan of C.H. I never knew about this story, thanks for telling it.
Colin in Thailand..