Thursday, 9 July 2009

Welling Away- It All Starts Again.

Back on the saddle.

Along with 2200 others, I was at Welling, Park View Road last night, to see the usual pretty meaningless pre season friendly: - truly a game of two halves.

Charlton fielded two teams, one in each half, which gave everyone plenty of chances to play 'Who He?'
Other than Racon,Gray, Moots and Holland, all the usual suspects were on show but strangely Parky wasn't to be seen, (unless he was hiding really well).

Mark Kinsella made all the noises and did all the waving from the sidelines.

Charlton had Mambo playing.
Whoever handed out the shirts last night obviously didn't have a sense of humour as he was wearing number 6.
................Surely he should have been number 5?

At the end of the match, both Shelvey and Bailey were mobbed with a very vocal group of Charlton supporters imploring them both to stay at the club.

I decided to capture the moment, partly so I could have a close up of the new kit, sponsored by a Chatham based Building Society.

Unfortunately, the nudge I received at the critical moment somewhat wrecked any future paperazzi career I might have enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

It looks pretty much to me that Jonjo is being whisked away in the teleporter, Marco, making this the first recorded evidence that all of the Board, and now the players, are being kidnapped by aliens. Hence the silence.

when you see Jonjo next try to peel back his face, and you will see the reptillian features underneath.

Pembury Addick

Marco. said...

Quite right Pembers!
I shall be watching Torchwood and Doctor Who for future developments

Anonymous said...

Is that the new slim line Rob Elliot behind?