Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Charlton pass their Reading test.

Charlton Athletic(B) 2 - Reading 1.

What an absolute cracker.
On the evidence of this evening, Chris Powell has a strong squad to play with this term. 
When the inevitable injuries and suspensions start piling up later in the season, it shouldn't mean half fit players being played out of position in order to raise a team.

Every player wearing red put in a top notch performance.
Benson was running around, chasing lost causes and giving the impression he was playing for his Charlton Athletic future.
He was unfortunate in that he had to leave the action early with what looked like a hand injury. Benson was really catching the eye and even arch Benno hater, 'Mr Grumpy,' who sits a few seats away couldn't find anything to moan about, especially as he opened the scoring.

Charlton were in total control for all of the first half.
Reading couldn't have complained if they had been 4 or 5 goals down at the interval.

The few times they pressed forward, Hamer showed he has an assured pair of hands.
Should Elliott take the Pardew pounds for the chance to warm the Newcastle bench, I'm more than happy with the obvious replacement.

Pritchard was running the midfield, the much derided Francis played a blinder, Green could have scored 3, Mambo seemed to grow in confidence as the game progressed, Evina looked very skilful and Euell was showing good movement.

Charlton seemed as if their brief was to pass Reading off the pitch. There were few times when either team resorted to a hoof up the pitch, both teams attempted to keep the ball on the grass and play football.

At half time I was worried all the missed chances may come back to haunt us.
The second period started and it just produced more of the same.
Pass and move.
Charlton were purring.

Eventually, Jason Euell popped up to knock home the second goal of the game.
It was most certainly deserved. At that point Charlton had hit the post and had two certain goals whipped off the line by spectacular gymnastic clearances.
Charlton added to this total when Bover hit the woodwork later on.

The Doc was replaced by Morrison.
One thing I was taught many, many years ago was never, ever make a substitution when defending a set piece.
Perhaps CP has now taken on board this little nugget as Morrison came on to defend a corner. The ball quickly ended up at his feet (before he'd had an opportunity to calibrate his boots), he made a horlicks of it and Reading had their goal.

The next 5 minutes were a little shaky for Charlton but they soon regained their superiority, despite the best efforts of the referee.

When the news came through that there were to be 4 minutes of added on time, every Addick must have wondered if there was to be a repeat of Saturday but Reading were not as sharp as Scunthorpe.

A 2-1 win and into the next round.

It's quite odd to think that a League Cup game, and a first round one at that should be one of the best games I've seen in yonks.
Definitely worth a tenner.

A Casual Rating.
What an absolute belter!
If you weren't there, you missed a treat.
Lacoste polos are going to all the Charlton players who seemed determined to make CP have a selection problem.
Well done lads. You all played your part but my MOM is Pritchard.

The Primark Novelty slogan t-shirt is going to the bloke in Floyd Road who picked me out of the crowd to hand me an English Defence League, anti Muslim demo flyer.
I may have a shaved head but I'd like to say I find their views repellent.
Sod off to Millwall.

Ref Watch.
Oh dear oh dear.
Charlton won, despite the referee's officiating this evening.
He had a stinker.
One (of many) appalling decisions was when a clearance went out for a Reading throw, at least 10 metres down the pitch.
The Reading player went to pick up the ball to take the throw but to his amazement, was told it was a corner!
It wasn't even close.
Despite the referee having a 'mare for much of the second half, he didn't ruin the game, though he did have a long talk at Jason Euell when Jason pointed out how cack he was being.
Euell could have received a yellow card so maybe he was fortunate to just receive a finger wagging.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up. I had to work last night so I missed a good game. It often happens. I'm working for the next round too so it will be another exciting one.

Anonymous said...

I too had two leaflets handed to me and the man got very irate when I said that I was not interested and knew exactly what it was about. It didn't spoil the game thugh which was great

ChicagoAddick said...

I agree on corner. Listening to it on the radio made me think of my old school football coach. But it turns out Doherty was injured.