Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You're Supposed To Be At Home

Colchester United 0 - Charlton Athletic 2.

Colchester United are in trouble.
Last night they hosted a home game, on a warm evening against a team that used to be a bit of a scalp (but now aren't), and they still only scraped 5000 souls into their ground.

Of those 5000, approaching two fifths were visiting supporters so I fail to see how their spanking new stadium can survive as an ongoing business.

It might be on the edge of town, practically on the city limits but the cash involved to build a new stadium, plus the roads to give people the chance to get there is most certainly no minor investment.

*If we build it they will come*
Unfortunately, they haven't.

You're supposed to be at home!
Yes, we are, -well away from the football and sitting on our sofas.

After watching the game last night, I can now see how Colchester United are staying afloat.
They're pumping any available cash into the upkeep of the stadium which leaves the price of a pair of decent trousers to go towards the playing staff.

Bad times if you support Colchester.

Last night Charlton were in control from beginning to end.

BWP- (he's better than Shaun don't you know?) has quite rightly been singled out for his two goals but it really felt like a team performance.

When a player lost the ball they bust a gut trying to win it back. When Colchester were in possession, players were diving in to stop them and when their forwards got into shooting positions, players were getting their bodies in the way to block.

We used to sing about a team of Stevie Browns. Last night it felt like it had arrived.

The goals were 'good' goals rather than defensive errors to be pounced upon.
Young Bradley played a gorgeous one - two with Waggy for his first goal and Hayes showed what a tremendous asset he is going to be to set up the second.

At half time, I assume Chris Powell said to keep it tight, as in the second half there wasn't the fluidity of play but still there were opportunities to score more goals.
Only the 'Man of the Match' Cousins, in the home goal, stopped the score becoming a bit of a pasting with some excellent saves.

It felt good last night.

Ok, so we are top of the league but nobody is handing out any medals in August.
We've had good starts before but on those occasions, last year for example, it always felt like we were getting away with it rather than playing other teams off the park.

This year, the crowd are with the team and the team seem to be playing as, well, a team!

We had Captain Cleanshorts near us in the crowd, supporting his old club.
Jason Euell came on as a late substitute for Hayes, (pleasingly Jason is still wearing his own version of shorts, the billowing past the knee version).

Danny Green made his debut, with 5 minutes to go, in place of BWP and Hughes replaced Stephens five minutes before that.
All the players slotted in nicely and seemed to know where they were supposed to be playing.

With everything going so well, I'd normally assume we are going to get a bit of a mauling on Saturday, (this is Charlton after all) but somehow the bubble hasn't been burst yet for me.

i can see us winning again on Saturday, and I hope the feel good factor remains.

What a great evening of entertainment laid on by the Addicks last night.
A repeat performance next time out please.

A Casual Rating.
Lacoste polos are going to BWP and Paul Hayes. For me, they were stand out players though as I said above, it was a team performance which was most enjoyable.

The Primark novelty slogan t- shirt goes to whoever orders the refreshments at Colchester.
Did they not realise Charlton would be bringing more than a taxi full of people?

All the counter staff were very friendly and helpful but it seemed rather odd to be eating the last, much trumpeted, 'Chicken Balti Pie', approximately an hour and a half before kick off.

I'm sorry if you wanted one last night.
(It was lovely as well).

Ref Watch.
Nothing to report here.
No decisions that turned the game, just your typical third class referee for a regular tier 3 game.
Oliver Langford may have been a little harsh when giving Robbie Elliot a yellow for time wasting but we will most certainly have worse officials this season.


Anonymous said...

It seemed as if Charlton had half the crowd last night never mind 2/5.
We also had 99% of the noise.
I know colchestr didn't have anything to cheer about but they only showed where they were when sneaking out before the end.

Ken Jennings said...

Very encouraging, Marco. Still holding my breath, and pinching myself, though. Can't help it... ;-)

Phil said...

Marco, my understanding is that Colchester were strongly advised to submit a business plan as a third tier club but they opted to go for one as a championship. Very short-sighted and potentially very damaging as you suggest.
Obviously there was nothing in the plan about chicken balti pies then ! I recall the ones at Sheffield Wednesday are both plentiful and delicious ( I had two last time ) !

MrJeff said...

Sitting in the sun by crystal clear pool. Watched them watering the palms earlier on. Seems strange to think I'll be back in SE London Saturday. Loads of Spaniards on the pool bar watching the Copa last noght, went a bit quiet at the end, dont think even they knew what to make of it. Seemed like better support than Colchester got according to your postings. With regards to August positions-early days etc, you're aware of my irrational overoptimism bring it on. Should make it to the RoD pre match- missing Guiness?!